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Zibo qijia wear-resistant ceramics co.. Itd
Zibo qijia wear-resistant ceramics co.. Itd

Zibo qijia wear-resistant ceramics co.. Itd. is located in the middle of lu emerging industrial city, the ancient capital of the state of qi. one of the world's famous ceramics-zibo shandong! The company mainly produces alumina ceramic ball, microcrystalline alumina grinding ball. high purity alumina filler, alumina ceramic pieces, cement microcrystalline ceramic ball, alumina powder, Composite ceramic equipment, and undertake all kinds of wear-resistant ceramic engineering construction, design. technical consulting innovative high-tech enterprises. The company now has advanced ceramic production equipment and has established long-term scientific research cooperation relations with many professional colleges and universities. Product design and manufacture as well as site construction. to ensure that users provide quality wear-resistant materials and engin eering services. ......

QIJIA Products

  • Alumina ceramic products
  • Epoxy resin glue
  • Package plastic drum
  • Wear-resisting engineering overall scheme



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    Shandong Province - Zibo City - Zichuan District - Kunlun Town - One kilometer north of Hui Village Bridge

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